About Us

27 Pixels Media is an interactive web design agency that offers a complete spectrum of multimedia services in order to help our clients to achieve their business goals. With our primary location in New York, we understand that acting quickly and efficiently is a key component to success. Therefore, we know that when our clients need us we have to be ready to meet and exceed their expectations.

Why us?

Our unique ideas combined with high level of expertise, excellent organizational skills and passion for the work we do, help us to provide superior level of service to our customers. We know the game, but most importantly we know and are willing to show you the way to turn your investment into a profitable return. By choosing 27 Pixels Media you choose a stable, creative and reliable company that is strongly oriented on bringing you business to the next level.

How do we work?

27 Pixels Media uses an investigative approach while collecting the data for your project. The idea is to engage your customers into interaction with your site, product and the service that you have to offer. In order to achieve the maximum rate of success, or in the other words profitability of your business enterprise we need to examine the target group of your clients. In turn, this will help us to come up with a crafted solution that will generate an interest in those who you are selling or advertising your product to. Finally, if you are looking for an original and successful web design company that will help you to make a noticeable change in your bottom-line and create a long lasting relationship with your business, search no more. 27 Pixels Media is your best choice!